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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about being a part of our Medical Practice.

  • What services provided with membership?

    • Annual comprehensive office visit.
    • Sick visits as needed.
    • 24/7 access to your personal physician by phone, secure text or video chat.
    • Unrushed and extended office visits.
    • Same day or next day appointment availability is typical.
    • Personal coordination of care with hospitals, other specialists, and consultants.
  • Do I still need medical insurance?

    Yes – Pioneer Concierge Medicine does not replace your health insurance coverage, which is
    needed for hospitalizations, lab tests, imaging, emergencies and consultations with specialists.
  • I have HMO –can I be a patient of your practice?

    HMO’s have strict rules about seeing certain network Primary Care Doctors, and getting referrals from them. Because of this, we are not a good fit for HMO members. Our care model works well for people who have PPO and HSA plans.

  • Are you on staff at local hospitals?

    Yes – Currently both Dr. Pithadia and Dr. Stefaniuk are on staff at Northwest Community Hospital and Lutheran General Hospital.
  • Will my insurance or Medicare be billed for my office visits or communications with the doctor?

    No – Pioneer Concierge Medicine is a separate entity. Your insurance provider will not receive any bills from Pioneer Concierge Medicine.
  • Are there any additional costs other than the annual membership?

    No – There are no additional fees or payments other than the annual membership.

  • Can I use an FSA, or HRA plan to pay for the annual membership?

    Patients are advised to discuss this with their own tax expert.

  • How do I communicate with my doctor?

    During regular business hours, we are available via the office phone. After hours, we can be reached through our cell phones, video chat, or secure text.

  • What should I do if I have an emergency or become sick while traveling?

    • If you are having a life threatening emergency, call “911”. Then, call us when you can so we can coordinate your care with the Emergency Room staff.
    • If you have a non-emergent concern, please call or text your personal physician for advice and recommendations.
  • How do I handle seeing a medical specialist, consultant, or surgeon?

    • If you are already seeing a specialist, we are happy to communicate with them as needed.
    • Should you need help obtaining a consultation, we are happy to coordinate with other providers in the community.
  • I need to stay in network for any treatment handled by insurance. Can you help with that?

    Yes – We will work closely with you to select in-network doctors/hospitals for any needed services.

  • What happens if I get hospitalized?

    Your Pioneer Concierge physician will communicate and coordinate closely with the hospitalist team providing your inpatient care.