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A Chicago Concierge Medical Practice Like No Other

As Board Certified Family Practice physicians, we are uncomfortable with the care trends we see in most medical practices today. The doctor-patient experience is usually rushed, with little time provided for each appointment. These practices focus on the quantity of appointments taking place each day, rather than the quality of them.

This traditional practice model is focused on generating revenue, not caring for people. We knew it could be different and that’s why we founded Pioneer Concierge Medicine.

We became doctors because we wanted to help people in the most meaningful way. Our goal is to treat our patients with a truly unique healthcare experience. An experience that treats the whole person, without having to worry about clocks, insurance reimbursements, or how many patients can be seen each day.

As our patient, you will have 24 hour immediate access to your physician via office visits, phone calls, video consultations, or secure text communications. Simply put, when you need us, we are there for you, regardless of the time or day of the week.

We believe that medicine should be personal, not transactional. Join us and experience what the doctor-patient relationship should be – Personal.